Friday, February 18, 2011

Long time no see!!!

Ohayo Gozaimasu my gals and dolls! That means Good Morning in Japanese! I'm sorry that I've been neglecting you loves! I've finally gotten a chance to explore Okinawa a bit and let me tell you...its sooo different here! I actually went out and bought some japanese makeup. Now...I haven't gotten a chance to get any of the eyeshadows but I did get mascara, falsies, and some gel eyeliner (which is better than any gel liner that I've tried IMHO). I'll be showing you what I bought in my next post :) Stay tuned...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Long time no see!!! To the beach haul and swatches

Hey gals and dolls! Long time no see! So much has been going on in my life! First off, a few of you know that I'm currently in the military and I'm stationed in North Dakota :/ well...I found out in the beginning of may that my husband and I got orders to Okinawa Japan!!!!!! I'm sooooo excited! We will be moving in September and I can't wait. I wanted to experience a new culture and finally I'm going to be given the opportunity to do so. It's going to be a bit more difficult to indulge my mac addiction but ill figure it out somehow. I can't wait to try a few of the japanese brands as well. other than that, hubby and I are going on a cruise at the end of next month as well to the bahamas. YAY!!! I can't wait!! So im getting things ready for that as well. Okay enough of my babbling :) on to business

Well...I'm sure you gals know about the most recent MAC collection (To the beach). This was a huge collection what came out with two different sections Makeup items and bronzers/brushes. Overall, I really loved this collection. I didn't get any of the eye shadows (I just couldn't see myself using them too often, but they are really pretty). But I did end up getting the Float on By eye kohl, Flurry of fun l/g, lazy day l/s, Lustre drops in sun rush, the bronzing oil, and 2 of the Marine Life highlighters (or blushes). I have to say, I love everything that I bought and I can't wait to wear them. I want to see how I'm going to make lazy day work but hell, if I can make Viva glam II look good on my skintone, lazy day shouldnt be that much more difficult. My favorite out of everything I bought is the bronzing oil. I think every WOC should get this! No ifs, ands, or buts! It gives you the most BEAUTIFUL glow I have ever seen. I'll be packing this in my bag when it comes time to go to the bahamas :) I want to see how the e/l wears on me as well since I have oily lids and e/l has the habit of migrating where I put it :/. Okay...without further ado...swatches!!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm baaaack :) FOTD+swatches

Hey gals and dolls!!! Did you miss me???? I've been soooooo busy and I have a million and one things going on at once BUT I'm going to start posting more often. Any whoo :) without further ado here is a FOTD and swatches.

This a look I did using the color 4 neutral quad from the Spring Color Forecast collection. I got a few things from this collection and it's my favorite since Style Black. This quad is amazing if you like neutrals. Check out the pics below and ill break down the look.

Foundation- MAC Studio Fix fluid in NC50
Powder- MAC Blow powder in Deep dark
Base-MAC Groundwork p/p
Inner corner-Flip
Middle lid-Aztec Brick
Outer Corner and blended into the crease-Creole beauty
Brow bone highlight- Manila paper
Mascara- Covergirl Lash blast in brown
Eyeliner(only on the waterline)-MAC Teddy Eye kohl
Blush-MAC minneralized blush in Light over dark (THIS IS A MUST HAVE for WOC!)
Lips-3n l/g, Chestnut l/l

Soo...I have been LOVING my Minneralized blush in Light over dark. It was LE :( It's the perfect nude blush/highlight I def forgot to take a picture of the blush itself >.< but here are swatches...

Pretty huh? Well...awesome news...this is being repromoted in the MAC Pret-a-papier collection that is coming out April 22nd (but it may be out earlier...I don't know why MAC keeps releasing collections early like that) so if you're interested in it you have a chance to snag one. I use the dark side as a blush and the light side as a highlight. well ladies. That's about it. Ill see you in my next post! Smooches!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm back!!!

Hey lovlies! Sorry I've been neglecting you ladies and (gents) but my life has been sooo busy. I promise to hop back into updating my blog more often :) Ill be doing me next entry on Nude lips for WOC so stay tuned

Thursday, November 12, 2009

BEBE F&F sale

Hey Gals and Dolls! My favorite store BEBE is having a F&F sale for the next 4 days. Its 25% off and the code is FRIEND25. Shop til you drop ladies!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween and FOTD

Hey gals and dolls! I hope you lovlies had an awesome halloween! I dressed up as a Ninja...nothing wild...Here is me and a pic of my friend Schwan...we had a blast that night!

and here is a pic of me and my hubby...he was Tyrone biggums off of Dave Chapelle...LOL!! He looked just like him!

Anyway...I have a FOTD that I want to share with you. I got MAC Woodwinked e/s in a previous haul. I decided to a a fall look with it...think woodsy, deep burgundy MU...anyway...I used MAC Groundwork p/p as a base from lashline to brow, MAC woodminked all over the lid, MAC artifact pp in the crease blended out and MAC Vex as a highlighter. I used Sweet as Cocoa on my cheeks and Nightmoth l/p with Night Violet l/s.

I hope you dolls liked this look! Stay tuned for my hauls from Sephora!

XOXO Candi

Sunday, October 25, 2009

MAC haul!!!

Hey Gals and Dolls!! I hope all you ladies(and guys) are doing great! I just came off a long weekend packed full of work. I'm sooo tired and all I want to do is sleep for the next week! The weather had been a bit dreary so I haven't really too stuck on doing a full face of makeup. My look has consisted of MAC eyeliner in Blacktrack, MAC blush in Sweet as Cocoa and MAC lipglass in Viva Glam V (I LOVE this l/g...this is a MUST for my DDD's)m and MAC Zoom lash mascara. If I'm working during the week then I'll do a whole face. Maybe I'l post a pic for you guys and gals soon. On days where I have to train and I'm not in the office I go without makeup because it gets really hot and sweaty in all that gear I have to run around in...yuck. Anyway...on to my haul. The nearest MAC store is about 8 hours away from here so I have to order online :( so without further baby MAC haul...

I got 2 p/p's in Groundwork(makes an amazing base) and Indianwood, 3 e/s in Nocturnelle, Woodwinked and Amber lights, a l/s in Hug me, l/p in Spice, a MAC 209 brush which I LOVE and a sample of Zoom black mascara.