Monday, October 12, 2009

MAC Style Black

Hey gals and dolls!!! I just wanted to do a few swatches for you from MAC's Style Black collection. I only bought a few items so bear with me :) There are a bunch of swatches floating all over the internet but I haven't seen any done on an NC50 yet so without further ado...

Gilt by Association and Young Punk(1st swatch=Dry, 2nd swatch=Wet)

Night Violet l/s, Blackfire Glimmerglass, Glimmerglass on top of Night violet

Gilt by Association and Young Punk (1st swatch=Dry, 2nd swatch=over greasepaint stick, 3rd swatch=Wet)

That's about it ladies! I hope you liked the swatches! If you use them please remember to credit me. Thanks!!! *smooches*


  1. You should try the Cinderfella MES. It is stunning. I had the Glimmerglass in Blackfire but wasn't feeling it, so I exchanged it for the Dazzleglass Creme in Amorous which is gorgeous!

  2. I love the way Amorous looks! Do you wear it alone or over a l/s? I want to get it but I'm clueless as to what lippie to layer it with.